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Hotels and Lodging in Park City

Where to stay for the Sundance Film Festival

As in virtually every town or city that hosts a major event for visitors, finding well-located and reasonably priced lodging is the biggest challenge facing most festival attendees. In Park City's case, the main problem is that the vast majority of accommodation service providers assume that you’re coming to Park City to ski and therefore you must be rich. Reasonably priced accommodation options in Park City are limited and fill up very quickly. It therefore goes without saying that you should book your lodging as far ahead as possible and use every connection, scheme, and contact at your disposal to do so.

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Other Options

Apart from hotels, the other main source of accomomdation in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival is condos. The town has a large number of options for short-term condo rentals, suited to many budgets. As you'd expect, prices tend to be higher during the festival than at other times of the year, but condo rental can work out as one of the cheaper options if you are travelling in a group.

Many private homes are also available for rental in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival. Check out Vacation Rentals by Owners, local company Resortside Homes, and of course Airbnb.

Staying Outside of Park City

If you’re booking late and find it hard to locate something suitable in Park City (and you have a car), staying in one of the surrounding areas is a workable alternative to building an igloo on the high-school football field (which may be your only other late/budget option). Kimball Junction, Snyderville, Keetley Junction, Silver Summit, and Summit Park are doable options. The closest bigger towns are Heber City and Midway, both of which are around 20 minutes by car from Park City. Heber City has quite a few motels.

It is also possible to stay in Salt Lake City, but the commute back after a late-night event (particularly if the weather is bad) makes it a lot more hassle than it’s really worth. And there’s also a risk that you will feel isolated from the festival action. In saying that, every film in the festival does screen at least once in Salt Lake City, so if you’re just hitting Sundance for the movies and want to avoid the crowds, staying in Salt Lake may not be such a bad option.

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