A picture of the Yarrow Hotel in Park City, Utah

What should I wear at the festival?

Sundance Film Festival FAQ

Park City is located in the Utah mountains, approximately 7,000ft above sea-level. With an average January snow-fall of 31 inches (79cm), and daytime temperatures rarely pushing 33°F (1°C), the keyword for Sundance attire is warm. Actually, a better word is probably layers since, after a bit of walking around, you can start to feel a little toasty, but the deep freeze returns quickly if you're not in the sun.

Fortunately the festival is fairly laid back, so it's perfectly acceptable to prioritise warmth over style, particularly during the day. In the evening, parties tend to require slightly more dressing up, but there are very few events at Sundance which get anywhere near black tie (and most venues will have a coat-check where you can leave your heavy outer layers).

The pavement ice and snow can be treacherous, so good, sturdy, flat shoes are also recommended. The last thing you need is to end up on your arse as a result of insubordination from your footwear.

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